Tile & Grout Cleaning Perth

Ultimate Tile Cleaner in Perth

The Ultimate Clean utilises the best tile and grout cleaning systems, latest technology, experienced operator and an excellent eye for detail to help make your tiles shine. Since 2009 we have a earned a large following of happy clients who were looking for a quality + giving value for money while cleaning your Tiles and Grout.

Our tile cleaning service will also include cleaning your grout lines as well as the tile in one simple system. Whether you have ceramic tile, porcelain, natural stone, slate or another type of tiles. We will make it look the best it can be.

Best Tile and Grout Cleaning system in Perth.

We are certified and educated to current industry standards in Perth and for your peace of mind we carry full current insurance policies and police clearances.

Ultimate Clean Tiles Perth

Grout cleaning advise

Over time tiny scratches develop in your tiles which act as hiding places for dirt, oils and bacteria. Due to grout being porous – it attracts and absorbs any type of moisture, such as oils, acids, sugars and proteins. The moisture then attracts bacteria, which starts to look unsightly over time.

Pre-Spray and Pre-Spotting

Our specialised soil suspension solution is sprayed on to help emulsify dirt prior to tile and grout cleaning process.

Rotary Agitation

We use soft brushes or pads to agitate the pre-spray which loosen's soiling from the tiles. This helps to enhance the final look of our Tile cleaning and helps to clean your Grout up to 50% better.

Perth Truck Mounted Cleaning Machine

For a deep, thorough clean we use a powerful truck mounted extraction system to clean your Tiles. Our machine can produce 130 degrees celsius  of hot cleaning solution and has five times more cleaning power than portable Tile cleaning machines.

Specialised Stain Removal Systems using the power of Oxy-Action

For persistent or reoccurring stains, you’ ll be amazed at our stain removal systems. We use heat transfer methods to increase molecular activity which in turn, helps release the stain from the tiles and grout.

Neutralising Rinse

Our unique rinse leaves your floor residue free, and helps your tile's and grout resist soiling for longer.

Protective Furniture Tabs

We place plastic or foam block tabs under your furniture lift it off your tiles preventing, staining or possible rusting during the drying process.

Rapid Drying Systems

The combination of our high-speed air movers, drying bonnets, grooming tools, ‘green’ glides on our wands and powerful truck mounted machines all increase air flow over your tiles to increase the drying process.

The Ultimate Clean - Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable cleaning solutions

We are professionally trained in water damage cleaning flood restoration, we can treat areas damaged by mould, rapid drying using de-humidifiers for areas affected by water ingress, burst pipes, air conditioner water staining, neutralising odours and removing stains. Some call us the problem solvers.

The Ultimate Clean Truths about Tile and Grout Cleaning in Perth?

Will your Grout look as good as new after tile and grout cleaning?

The reality is nothing will ever be as good as new after it has been used. However, we are fully trained and confident you will love the look of your tiles and our professional tile and grout cleaning system.

When considering a tile and grout cleaning company in Perth please be aware of operators who use harsh chemicals that use high alkaline caustic detergents just to speed up the job.

If not flushed, rinsed and neutralised effectively, these chemicals can easily remove paint from skirting boards, door frames and other surfaces or chemically burn surrounding carpets and furniture.

At The Ultimate Clean we proudly use environmentally friendly, neutral and biodegradable cleaning products whenever possible. Importantly, they reduce any chance of damage to your surrounding furniture.

Do you have wooden inlay in your tiles?

No problem, we are fully trained in all hard floor cleaning and care.

Got a stain in your natural stone floor?

We can remove most stains such as red wine, oil using our special poultice mix.

We test every job before we start to determine the type of material that we are dealing with.

Sanded grout, unsanded grout, epoxy grout, ceramic, terracotta, terrazzo, quarry, concrete, natural stone, granite, marble, slate, limestone, sandstone - all require different processes and cleaning products.

Untrained cleaners can easily get it wrong – using acid on natural stone floors can etch the marble and leave little-etched circles all over the floor.

If water pressures are not controlled, grout can be blasted from the grout lines…tiles can even get cracked!