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Upholstery cleaned by The Ultimate Clean can restore the beauty and extend the life span of your favourite piece of furniture. Have you given up on a well-loved piece of furniture? Before replacing it, consider giving it a fresh lease of life by using the best Upholstery cleaning process in Perth. Call Today - FREE stain tips and advise to keep your lounge suite cleaner.

We have been cleaning upholstery for years with hundreds of happy customers, using our services time and time again. Let us show you what we can do for you.

The Ultimate lounge Clean

Using environmentally friendly products, we will take the time and care required to protect your home while cleaning your furniture without leaving any harmful detergents behind.

As an active member of the Carpet Cleaning Association of Western Australia, The Ultimate Clean team participates in quarterly training workshops with other qualified Perth upholstery cleaners. This training ensures we have access to, understand and implement the best techniques to clean and care for your lounge, sofa or Couch.

Perth Ultimate Upholstery Cleaning Procedure

  • Pre-inspection and dye migration test
  • Pre-vacuum
  • Pre-treatment
  • Hand or Machine Scrub
  • Extraction Rinse
  • Fabric Protector (If requested)
  • High speed air mover to speed up drying
We are certified and educated to current industry standards and for your peace of mind we carry full current insurance policies and police clearances

Upholstery Clean 7 Step Procedure

Pre-inspection and dye migration test

We make sure the fabric is colour fast and assess any tears or deterioration. Upholstery has a tough life with us sitting, jumping or just laying down to relax. Every day your lounge suite has to deal with our personal and pet body fluids which include sweat, oils and general dirt which accumulate on the fibre.

This build up can cause permanent damage to the fibre which can lead to colour loss, weakness and cellulosic browning if it was made from a natural fibre. We always communicate with our clients if we see any areas that may be a concern during upholstery cleaning, and we have a couple of tricks to ensure we do not make the problem areas worse.


An essential step in Upholstery cleaning, we use a purpose designed hand piece on a powerful vacuum system to remove hairs and fine soil from the upholstery before cleaning. Vacuuming your lounge is one of the most important steps, this removes many of the fine dust particles that can contribute to respiratory diseases like asthma.

Our vacuums all are fitted with HEPA filters which The filters capture bacteria, mould and pollen particles as small as .5 microns – that is 200 times smaller in diameter than human hair and as small as a single particle of cigarette smoke!


A cleaning agent is applied to the upholstery to assist the breakdown of oils which accumulate from our skin and even the oil from your pet’s fur. This pre-spray is usually alkaline and has many different chemicals and responsibilities. These include bonding to oily substances, proteins, amino acids and general dirt to turn them into liquid form so they are able to be flushed out carefully and effectively the 1st time.

Hand Scrub

A pre-treatment is not enough to completely break down the oils in the fabric. We hand scrub the fabric with a horse hair brush, microfiber glove or machine designed specifically for cleaning your family’s Upholstery.

This process allows the cleaning solution to be spread evenly and helps the soiling on the fibre to be released easier and more effectively. I believe cleaning carpets and upholstery is just like washing your hair, if we want the cleanest hair we must scrub the shampoo in and rinse it out perfectly.

Extraction Rinse

Our powerful hot truck-mount upholstery cleaner is then used to flush out the dirt and cleaning agents from your upholstery achieving temperatures around 130oC. Extra drying passes are performed for quick drying.

We have a specially formulated rinse agents which soften the water and help the dirt to be released from the fibres without the need of over wetting the fabric. These rinse agents vary from acid, alkaline and neutral rinses.

This process is especially important when dealing with natural fibres like linen, cotton, rayon, silk and viscose. If these fabrics are not dealt with carefully and dried using high-performance air movers then problems like cellulosic browning can occur or even degradation of the fibre its self which may not even be known until the upholstery cleaner has left and the lounge suite has fully dried.

Fabric Protector

We can apply an Anti-Soiling protector on the furniture after cleaning. This helps to repel the oils on the skin and helps the upholstery stay cleaner for longer! This has to be applied in a specific way for the product to be able to adhere to the fibre.

The scotch guard or fabric protector needs to be applied ideally when the upholstery is and has been tested at a 4 on the pH scale so it can bond with the fabric and lock out the stains. This process is ideally done when the lounge suite is brand new or has just been cleaned and rinsed using an acid rinse.

High speed air mover

Our air mover is placed into position to help with the drying process after cleaning. We use two types of air movers, the main ones are the XPower X-800 snail shell type which is more powerful and are ideal for creating a large amount of air movement which is needed to encourage evaporation of the water from the lounge suite

The other type of air mover we use is the Velo Pro air mover which is best suited to flooded homes of offices to either topically restoratively dry carpets, tiles or wooden floors.

The Ultimate Clean - Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable cleaning solutions

Before you go to the expense of replacing your carpet call us, if we can't make your carpets look great with our specialist carpet cleaning process then it is not worth saving.

We are professionally trained in water damage carpet cleaning flood restoration.

We have all the carpet drying equipment you will never need, we also can treat areas damaged by mould, rapid drying using de-humidifiers for areas affected by water ingress, burst pipes, air conditioner water staining, neutralising odours, removing stains, re-stretching, carpet repairs, spot dying and even restoring colour. Some call us the problem solvers.